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Mzansi Trading

Mzansi [əmˈzʌnsɪ] means: “everything that is South Africa”. We bring the African spirit to your home. Discover our slow fashion products handmade in South Africa. Benefit from fast shipping and secure payment options.

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Let yourself be inspired by our passion for this indescribable continent and get the irrepressible life energy, the intense colors and the cultural diversity of Africa into your world. You will find the perfect accessory or gift in our store.

About Us

We are connected by decades of close friendship and love for Africa.

Together and on our own we travel a lot through the black continent. We are especially fascinated by the diverse culture, the unspeakable joy of life, the diverse wildlife and the spectacular landscape with its endless expanses and the feeling of boundless freedom.

Each of our trips not only brought us a little closer to our place of longing, but we also brought a piece of Africa home with us. A handmade bag from the Craft Market, a unique gift from the welcoming corner store, or a special piece of art fresh from the artist’s studio.

We don’t want to deprive you of these artful products made with love. Come with us on an art safari and discover fine design from Africa in our online store.

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