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About Us

In the spirit of Mzansi

In the spirit of Mzansi, our vision is to create an international collaboration platform:
A meeting place for bold ideas and fresh designs, where creative thoughts come together and cultures connect in a new way.

With our concept of using recycled raw materials as much as possible, we aim at sustainability and securing habitats. We work with artists and manufacturers in different locations in Africa, strengthening their economic growth and independence.

By building bridges across countries and cultures, we aim to bring dreams and reality closer together: Our customers take a piece of Africa and a touch of exoticism home with them. Our artists realize themselves through their art on a global platform.

For this purpose, we compile changing collections of handmade slow fashion products 100% made in Africa and offer them to our customers in our webshop and selected stores in Germany.

This is how we bring the joie de vivre – the unspeakable freshness and personality of the African flair to Germany.

Exclusive creations of young artists from southern Africa

Craftmanship at the highest level.

Committed personalities with high standards and pride in their work

Highest level of manufacturing finesse and processing.

Resource-saving production according to the principle of sustainability

A gathering of creative thoughts

The masters at work

MZANSI TRADING: We are Tanja aka Tanne and Stefanie aka Kalle.

We are connected by decades of close friendship and love for Africa. Together and on our own we travel a lot through southern Africa. We are particularly fascinated by the unique culture, the irrepressible joie de vivre, the diverse animal world and the breathtaking landscape with its endless expanses and the feeling of unlimited freedom.

Our heart project MZANSI TRADING was born in 2014 under the Milky Way at a campfire in Sossusvlei. A few years later, the dream birth became a mature idea and in 2021 MZANSI TRADING was officially founded as a German-South African cooperation.

Tanja aka Tanne, based in Cape Town since 2008, has many years of experience as a supply chain manager and artist. She is the on-site curator and contact person for the designers and ensures that our products are delivered to you without any problems. Her mother gave her the nickname Tanne when the novel “Out of Africa” ​​was filmed in 1985. The author, Tania Blixen, is affectionately called “Tanne” in her autobiographical novel. The film tells the story of a young woman trying to establish an independent existence in Africa.

Stefanie aka Kalle is a part-time guest in Africa and currently lives in Leipzig again. As an experienced research and retail expert, she makes sure that you will soon find our products in selected shops in the trendy districts of the country. She got her nickname after changing schools at the age of 12 from her new classmates. The reason: the similarities to the former class name Kalle, with whom she shared habitus and humor.

In this power duo, which is as opposite as Africa itself, we combine strategic and operational skills with a creative penchant for the beautiful and the extraordinary.