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ALPHA ♻️ Vanity Bag


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Our extra large Wash Bag ALPHA is made of recycled canvas and storm-proven kite sail. Each design is uniquely conceived in its composition and handmade in Mauritius. Our sustainable toiletry bags have conquered the oceans in their former lives and are guaranteed to freshen up your day. With the durable travel kit from our Save A Sail Collection, you’ll have a weather-tanned travel companion no matter where your adventurous spirit takes you.

Size: Outer dimensions (W/H/D): 28cm, 16cm, 12cm

Material: ♻️100% recycled canvas (Dacron) and polyester, UV resistant, tear resistant, splash resistant, stain resistant surface.

Care: easy to wipe clean

Origin: 🫶🏼Handmade in Mauritius 🇲🇺

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Stow toiletries, cosmetics, shaving supplies and hygiene items for your next trip. Each of the handmade travel kits is unique in its individual design. These sturdy and durable toiletry bags are foldable, extra lightweight and thus quickly stowed in backpacks, weekender bags, suitcases, travel and bike bags.

Product Details:
* Spacious wash bag / toilet bag with zipper
* Inner pocket and side loop
* Each bag is unique and one of a kind design
* Sturdy and durable material
* Wipeable, UV resistant, tear resistant, splash resistant, stain resistant surface.
* Best quality and high-grade workmanship

* Size: Outer dimensions (W/H/D): 28cm, 16cm, 12cm

* Care: easy to wipe clean

* Material: 100% recycled canvas (Dacron) and polyester (recycled kites), water repellent.

* Origin: Mauritius The design is conceived by Save A Sail and lovingly handcrafted in Port Louis, Mauritius.



In 2012 Save A Sail was established as an independent company in cooperation with MU Sailmakers in Port Louis, Mauritius. Mzansi Trading has been working with the upcycling specialists since April 2022.

The name says it all! Save A Sail is a world of trendy creations that are unique and practical at the same time. All products are handmade with great attention to detail and 100% in Mauritius. Through close partnership with sailmakers, Save A Sail uses premium materials that meet the high quality standards for weather-tanned products.

Bags and accessories are designed to convey the magic of the sea and passion for the oceans. The goal is to send customers on journeys through the original collections of unique products that carry stories and dreams of the sail from which they are made.

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